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Nissan Approves First Bi-Directional Charger for Nissan LEAF

Nissan Approves First Bi-Directional Charger for Nissan LEAFThe Nissan Leaf is a famous electric car that's been around for a while now. Recently, there's been some movement towards a new charger call bi-directional that can go in two directions.

New Leaf Charger

The bi-directional charger for the Leaf has been made so that it won't void the warranty for the car. The Leaf has technically had the physical hardware for this ability for a while now, which makes it so that the electric car can get energy stored from its battery pack.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Cost of Ownership

Electric Vehicle (EV) Cost of OwnershipEven though a lot of our customers are interested in purchasing an electric vehicle (EV), they aren't entirely sure about the long-term cost of ownership. If you're interested in an electric vehicle, you'll be happy to know that owning an EV instead of a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle can save you money in the long run. Here's how.
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Nissan Electric Vehicle Models for 2022

Nissan Electric Vehicle Models for 2022Electric vehicles are in the process of taking over. As technology becomes more available and known worldwide, a growing number of people are taking advantage. These vehicles are environmentally friendly, but they are also cheaper to maintain and operate. This article will go through some of the upcoming models for Nissan Electric Vehicles, one of the most popular car brands in America today.
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Nissan to Invest $17.6 Billion Over Next 5 Years on Battery-Powered Vehicles

Nissan Future Vehicle  

The Nissan Motor Corporation already offers one of the most extensive lineups of passenger cars in the USA. By investing 17.6 billion dollars in electric cars, this major automotive firm will maintain a competitive edge in the world. Such a five-year investment will significantly improve the company's global sales and reputation. The lightweight LEAF hatchback is the only electric model that appears on Nissan's 2022 roster.

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