When shopping for your next new car in Cerritos, you may be wondering whether you should buy or lease. And the answer to that question usually lies in what you need out of your car, with buying offering certain advantages to some, and leasing offering certain benefits to others. To help make the decision a little easier, we've put together a list of Nissan leasing benefits that you should be aware of when choosing your next new car, truck or SUV.

Lower Monthly Payments

While buying certainly has its advantages, one of the big reasons why people lease is because of the generally lower monthly payments that you'll encounter. The reason for this is that you don't finance the full value of the vehicle, instead you lease only a portion of its overall value. Due to this, many people will discover that the Nissan car they've had their eye on might come with a slightly lower payment.

Lower Cost of Maintenance & Repairs

Experts across the automotive industry stress that it's important to maintain your new car. And if you decide to lease, you'll find that you'll be covered continuously under the manufacturer's new car warranties during the run of your lease (up to 3 years on most warranties). New cars also generally require less maintenance; outside of regular oil changes and tire rotations, you likely won't have to spend much out of pocket on other services.

Lower Down Payments

As we talked about above, leases tend to cost less because of the final amount being financed. This not only results in a lower monthly payment, but lessees should also find that down payments are lower too, giving shoppers an opportunity to drive home with a new car earlier than expected.

More Car for Less

As you can see, for many people, leasing is a popular option because it can allow shoppers to take home cars that might have previously been out of their budget. So the next time you tour Cerritos Nissan's selection of new Nissan cars you might find that the dream car you've been eyeing is actually within reach.

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