How the Nissan Tire Pressure Monitoring System Works

How the Nissan Tire Pressure Monitoring System Works

The tire pressure monitoring system, also known as TPMS, exists as a measure of warning you whenever your tires have become under-inflated, and they have become a hazard to drive on. TPMS will have a low tire pressure indicator, which will be seen as a yellow symbol on your dashboard. You might compare it to a horseshoe with an exclamation mark in the middle. Many serious accidents may have been avoided had drivers known their tire pressure had been lower, which is what Nissan tries to help you avoid.

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Nissan Xmotion Concept Revealed

Nissan Xmotion Concept

The new Nissan Xmotion Concept car has attracted a significant amount of attention due to its minimal exterior that looks futuristic and luxe. The compact SUV was presented to attendees at the 2018 North American International Auto Show after dancers took the stage and performed to fast-paced music. Flashy effects were on the screen behind the car before it was revealed to the public after the cover was removed.

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Which Nissan Cars are AWD?

Nissan Rogue SL AWD

Compared to front or rear-wheel drive cars, all-wheel drive vehicles undoubtedly offer a number of important advantages. The most obvious advantage is when it comes to driving on wet, snowy or icy roads. By delivering some of the engine‚Äôs power to both the front and rear wheels, all-wheel drive provides far better accelerating capabilities and traction. This also allows all-wheel drive cars and crossovers to perform far better off-road. These benefits help to explain why all-wheel drives are so popular. The only issue is that there is a now a huge number of AWD vehicles to choose from, which…

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How to Tell if a Used Car Is Flood-Damaged

Flooded Car

Even if you don’t reside in a flood-prone city, the fact is that many flood-damaged cars are shipped out of the area of impact, landing in other states where they may be sold without proper salvage or flood titles. This is why it’s imperative to know how to tell if a car has sustained water damage when shopping for pre-owned vehicles.

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