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An overheating Nissan is never an ideal situation, but it can be a powerful first clue that you need repair here at Cerritos Nissan. When your vehicle overheats, it can come from several various issues. Here are the most common reasons for a hot-headed Nissan.

Water Pump

A water pump's primary purpose is to move coolant through your engine block. If your water pump goes astray, either with cracks or leaks, the coolant won't reach your engine block, and your vehicle might overheat in a hurry. Another sign of a water pump issue is a "sweet odor" on the outside of your car (along with overheating).

Cooling System Leak

Coolant is what regulates temperatures in your vehicle. When the engine begins to heat, the coolant levels it out; if coolant is leaking out of your cooling system, your car might overheat. You can sometimes see a visible coolant leak in the center-front of your vehicle. Look for puddles to tell your professional auto mechanic about.


When your thermostat is wrong, your vehicle doesn't know how to respond to heat. The faulty thermostat might read out as cooler than the car is. This might cause catastrophic overheating, as the thermostat needs to be accurate to mediate temperatures between your coolant and engine correctly.


Your radiator takes internal heat and then moves it to the outside of your cooling system. It's essentially removing heat from your system. If it cracks or breaks in some way, you'll quickly find your vehicle overheating. Another sign that your overheating issue might be your radiator's low coolant levels.


Like any other component in your vehicle, your belts and hoses can become corroded, weak, or broken altogether. If a hose breaks and coolant leaks, you'll find yourself in an overheating situation. Belts themselves can snap entirely, causing parts to grind to a halt and lead to overheating. There are plenty of signs of broken belts and hoses, such as dashboard lights coming on or losing power altogether.

Your Nissan vehicle is built tough and solid, but that doesn't make it immune to the effects of time. As your model ages, make sure to notice the signs of overheating. Of course, the most significant sign of all is overheating so bad that the model breaks down. If this happens, call on our team to get your vehicle back on the road!


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