2020 Nissan  Rouge Exterior

How Often Should I Service My Nissan Rouge?

The compact Rogue isn't compact about its superpowers. It's a deluxe version of the compact crossover, offering unmatched comfort and consistency. The Nissan Rogue maintenance schedule keeps the Rogue running as it was intended. For long, healthy life, the Rogue depends on it. Your Nissan Rogue service intervals are detailed here in brief form. For a full expansion of your service intervals, always check your service manual. It's catered to your trim.

10,000-Mile Service

Little things mean a lot. An oil change and oil filter change here will bring a fresh new outlook for your Rogue's personality. We'll visually inspect major components like brake lines and cables, brake pads and rotors, and CVT fluid during our oil change. Your fluids keep major components from running hot and corroding early.

20,000-Mile Service

To keep your brakes operating smoothly as intended, we'll inspect brake fluid and brake lines again at this mileage. If your brake lines go bad, things get harrowing for your Rogue very early. We'll also inspect AVAP vapor lines, fuel lines, and steering gear and linkage. Your axle support your vehicle's weight. Be good to it with this 20,000-mile inspection.

60,000-Mile Service

This vital service interval finds you taking care of still more minor adjustments and inspections that will result in a longer life for your Rogue. Our Nissan specialists will inspect CVT fluid (if your model has it) and your all-important exhaust system that needs to function correctly to enhance engine and fuel performance. Remember, maintenance doesn't just ward off expensive repairs. It also improves performance.

100,000-Mile Service

Your Rogue is at a real crossroads here. We'll want to inspect the suspension system to verify that the struts and shock absorbers are in good shape and replace vital fluids like brake and transfer case fluids. These fluids provide lubrication to essential components and keep them from corroding under friction. Your steering gear and linkage are other important components to inspect here, as your exterior components and underbody components may begin to show signs of wear. If your suspension and steering components go bad, you'll notice handling problems, such as the vehicle having stiff steering. It's vital to replace these components before they wear too much.

Your Rogue is ready for long life. Give it a helping hand by reading through your service manual or contact our dealership for a more detailed service interval schedule.


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