The whole point of owning a car is to have a reliable form of transportation. A car serves no purpose if it rarely works when you need it the most. The only way to ensure this does not happen is by properly maintaining the vehicle regularly. Whether your car is brand new or several years old, these are the four things you must do to make sure it stays dependable.

Change the Oil

Cars require motor oil to help lubricate the engine. It is also essential to make sure the oil stays clean to prevent sludge from building up in the engine. The only way to do this is by getting regular oil changes. Once you have driven approximately 5,000 miles, it is time to change the oil. You will also want to replace the oil and air filters at the same time.

Examine the Tires

It is very easy to forget about your tires, but this could turn into a costly mistake. Keep the tires properly inflated to avoid extra wear on the car. You will also want to examine the tires for any bulges or cracks regularly. These are clear signs that the tire is about to fail. Since you never want to be stranded with a flat tire, make sure to look at the tires at least once a week.

Listen for Noises

Every car is bound to make a few noises when you are driving on the open road. This is especially true when driving an older car. These common noises are rarely a cause for concern. The issue comes when the car starts making abnormal noises that you have never heard before. This is a clear sign that something is wrong. Waiting for these noises to get louder is only going to lead to serious problems. Get the car checked out by a professional mechanic as soon as you hear a strange noise.

Wash the Car

Nissan Rogue

Washing the car may seem like a giant waste of time since it is just going to get dirty again in a few days, but it is a great way to keep your car dependable. The car naturally picks up dirt and grime as you drive on the road. If this grime is allowed to stay on the car for an extended period of time, then it will cause severe corrosion. Washing the car by hand at least once a month will significantly extend its life.