Nissan Global Award

Hands down one of the most coveted awards a Nissan dealership can be honored with, this award means good news for customers as well because they can trust that they have taken their cash to a dealership that has earned their reputation for excellence. The Nissan Global Award awaits for dealerships that have the Award of Excellence, and at the same time, they rank in the top 50 retail sales spots.

World-Class Service from Such a Deal

When customers visit a dealership that earned the Nissan Global Award, they have a few delightful reassurances. Some of the things that the Nissan Global Award represents includes:

  • The dealership has strong sales on the lot
  • The owner remains loyal to the brand
  • Customer satisfaction levels have reached all-time highs
  • What It Takes to Get This Award

For a dealership to win this award, they must instill an unrelenting desire in their sales representatives to always reflect value back to the customers. A strong and never-ending commitment to excellence must always be exercised to keep customer satisfaction levels at all-time highs while selling dependable luxurious vehicles. One intent behind the Nissan Global Award is to showcase the distinctive culture of Japan. This award goes out to the top performers of any nation.


Top 50: The Best of the Best

The dealerships that have won the Nissan Global Award are pulled from the top 50 dealerships, and they represent the most elite dealerships where you are guaranteed to receive world-class service that is reflective of the Nissan brand. The goal behind the award isn't that they have the highest sales volumes. The key goal behind this award is that dealerships form strong and lasting relationships with customers that will endure the test of time. When you walk into a dealership committed to these higher principles, you can feel the positive vibes, and the positive atmosphere helps to make the dealership more inviting, but it also helps with making customers feel more welcome to browse the vehicles on the lot to make a decision for themselves.

Striving to Know Our Customers

If you'd like to learn what world-class service looks like, then we invite you to check us out, seeing as we are Nissan Global Award winners. What does it take to win this award? We strive to understand the needs of our customers and to help them to receive what they want. We have a full understanding that every customer who walks through our doors will have different needs that Cerritos Nissan has to meet up to. We have proudly reached for this coveted award, and when we received it, we could hardly believe our eyes. We first opened our doors for business back in 1979, and we never realized what a huge impact Cerritos Nissan would one day have while serving the community. Throughout our time in business, we have maintained a number of closely-held values like hospitality and always striving for the best possible outcome for our customers.

If you'd like to learn more about us and how we went about achieving the Nissan Global Award, please contact us for further information. We will schedule a free test drive so that you can try out one of our vehicles for yourself to learn how dedicated we are to our customers. We treat them in the same way that we would our own family. We have become a favorite dealership in our area because of how we have remained ever-dedicated to the principles of excellence, and we have never fallen away from these values.

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