Nissan Connect  

NissanConnect is a system designed to help you drive safer and smarter. It's also intended to keep you more connected and entertained on the road. There are four main parts to the NissanConnect system, including communication, navigation, security and convenience, and entertainment and information. Each component performs a different function to help you get the most out of your Nissan driving experience. Conveniently, the NissanConnect system can be activated with a voice command or the touch of your finger. By voice, you can direct the system to start the car, activate the lights, access Amazon Alexa, and more.


With the advanced communication features on NissanConnect, you don't need to leave tasks like talking to your friends and family members at home. Instead, you can safely do all that on the road through NissanConnect. The savvy Communication feature allows you to make and answer phone calls if you're riding in the Nissan. It even allows for hands-free text messaging with Siri Eyes Free capabilities. The NissanConnect Communication feature also connects to your iPhone device to play music and more through the car's Bluetooth system.

Nissan Connect


Knowing that Nissan drivers have places to go and things to do, Nissan included a comprehensive navigation system in its vehicles with NissanConnect. The sophisticated navigation system in your Nissan provides you with precise navigation using a built-in GPS. You can conveniently activate the navigation system with voice commands to help you reach your destination as efficiently as possible. The navigation feature enables you to avoid traffic and crowded highways and find the nearest gas station when it's time to refuel.

Security and Convenience

Many convenient features are also included with NissanConnect. From a distance, you can lock and unlock the car, start the engine, and even warm your car up before leaving your home. The Security and Convenience setting is simple to activate through your smartphone or by using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You can also use a smartwatch to unlock the system features found in the Security and Convenience package. In order to start your remote-start-equipped vehicle, the following conditions must be met:

Transmission must be in park position

Hood must be closed

All windows must be closed

Doors must be closed and locked

Brake pedal must not be depressed

Nissan Intelligent Key must be outside of the vehicle

Entertainment and Information

If you enjoy listening to your favorite tunes as you drive, the Entertainment and Information system is perfect for you. With this function, you can easily access all your favorite music through wireless Bluetooth pairing. You can use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with the Entertainment and Information system too, and you also have access to satellite radio and Google Play Music.

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