Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips  

After a long winter, a vehicle often needs routine maintenance and repairs. Cold temperatures and messy roads can lead to issues with your suspension, damage to the exterior of your vehicle, and much more. Now that spring is starting to arrive, it’s important that you bring your vehicle to us here at Cerritos Nissan. We’ll inspect your automobile and provide it with any service that it needs. We have a list of spring maintenance tips that we’d like to share with you to solidify the importance of a routine appointment at our dealership.

Steering and Suspension Service

Over the winter months, many roads develop potholes and frost heaves. Each time you drive over these things, it can lead to issues with your steering and suspension. Something to watch out for is your vehicle pulling to one side of the road or the other while you’re in motion. This can indicate an issue with your alignment. Luckily, we can quickly correct that issue with routine service.

A/C Service

The warmer temperatures often require you to switch your heating and cooling system from heat over to air conditioning. You may want to know ahead of time that this system will work, so bring your vehicle in for an A/C check. We’ll make sure that your air conditioning is ready for those hot summer days.

Body Work

If the exterior of your automobile has been hit with small rocks coming up off the road or even small chunks of ice, we can perform body detailing to repair these issues before they ruin the exterior of your vehicle.

Check Your Emergency Kit

You probably won’t need your roadside emergency kit for a number of months, so this is the time to check everything. If you have food items in your vehicle, check their expiration dates. Water bottles should be swapped out for new ones. Now is the time if you need to replace anything else or add an item.

Reach out to us here at Cerritos Nissan if you would like our assistance with any spring routine maintenance or repairs that you are in need of. We would be happy to get you on the schedule.