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How Often Should I Service My Nissan Altima?

Our experienced technicians consistently support our customers throughout their ownership period by providing fast, high-quality maintenance services at our trusted Nissan dealership's service center. Your Nissan Altima maintenance schedule is listed in your owner's manual. This schedule includes all of the recommended services and the Nissan Altima service intervals. By bringing your car to the shop at these intervals, you are doing your part to uphold your car's condition and reliability. Use this schedule as a rough guideline, but always refer back to your Altima owner's manual for firm recommendations specific to your car's trim level and model year.

10,000-Mile Service

Numerous systems and components in your Nissan Altima require attention when the odometer reads 10,000 miles. This begins with an inspection of tire tread wear, tire air pressure, brake cables and lines, rotors, and brake pads. If your Altima has a continuously variable transmission, the transmission fluid should be replaced. Service for Altima cars with an all-wheel drive drivetrain includes attention focused on the differential gear oil, the transfer case oil, the propeller shaft, and the differential fluid. Numerous fluids should be replaced or topped off regardless of the drivetrain type, and these include the engine oil, the wiper fluid, the brake fluid, the power steering fluid, and the coolant. Engine air filters, cabin air filters, battery power, oil filters, and suspension components also need professional attention.

30,000-Mile Service

When your Nissan Altima's odometer reaches 30,000 miles, replacing the brake fluid is essential. Also, the steering gear and linkage condition, the axles, the exhaust system, the suspension system, the drive shaft boots, the rotors, and the brake pads should receive attention from our professional Nissan technicians.

60,000-Mile Service

Nissan Altima service needs to continue when the odometer has 60,000 miles on it. Specifically, the Altima's hoses, fuel tank vapor system, and fuel lines need to be inspected.

105,000-Mile Service

Additional maintenance service is needed when your Nissan Altima's odometer reads 105,000 miles. Recommended services include spark plug replacements and engine coolant replenishment.


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