How to Use Nissan All-Wheel Drive LOCK

Nissan All-Wheel Drive LOCK button

Several Nissan models are equipped with a convenient All-Wheel Drive LOCK switch which helps enhance safety when activated while driving on rough roads. From the Nissan Rogue to the Nissan Murano, if your SUV is equipped, you can take advantage of enhanced stability and performance when AWD LOCK is engaged.

If you’ve had questions about how to use your Nissan’s All-Wheel Drive system, keep reading for details!

  1. How to engage AWD LOCK
    The button is located on the lower left of the instrument panel. Simply click the button to engage the AWD LOCK function on your Nissan. When it’s turned on, you’ll see a light icon in your gauge cluster.

  2. Use AWD LOCK for rough roads and AWD AUTO for regular or slippery pavement.

  3. When driving at high speed, LOCK will automatically switch to AUTO.

  4. AUTO may switch to LOCK if the system detects a large difference in the rotation of the front versus rear wheels.

  5. You may notice your car jolt if you turn on AWD LOCK while accelerating or decelerating, or if the ignition is off.

Additionally, if you want to see the torque distribution between wheels, you can view it on your Nissan’s information display, and keep in mind that the LOCK mode is automatically cancelled when you turn off the vehicle. Nissan Master Warning Light icon

Also, if you ever notice the master warning light turn on, Nissan recommends that you stop and let the engine idle until the warning light turns off. The light may turn on when you’re in a more strenuous driving situation like traveling on a rough road, through mud or when trying to free your SUV from being stuck in sand or mud, or any time there’s lots of wheel slip.

The light indicates that your powertrain’s oil temperatures may be too high and that things need a chance to cool down. Take your vehicle to a qualified auto repair center if the warning light does not turn back off. Please read your owner’s manual for more information about Nissan’s four-wheel drive LOCK switch operations and contact us with any inquiries.

*Switches and locations may vary depending on your vehicle model.

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