Nissan's Intelligent Cruise Control is a valuable safety aid to have when driving on the highway. Nissan's Cruise Control system is part of an innovative and comprehensive safety package called ProPilot Assist. ProPilot Assist is a self-automated driving system that is also one of the first systems of its kind to be offered by a major auto manufacturer. Intelligent Cruise Control is simple to learn how to use.

What Is Nissan's Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)?

The "Intelligent Cruise Control" system by Nissan includes smart cruise control and a special steering-assist feature that most other vehicles do not have. Intelligent Cruise Control's main function is to keep your Nissan a safe following distance from the car ahead of you. The intuitive system will also automatically apply and adjust the brakes as needed to ensure you don't get any closer to the vehicle ahead than your intended distance. Once the driver sets the preferred speed limit for the Nissan, the car does the rest of the work to remain a specified length from the vehicle in front to avoid a collision.

Drivers should note that there may be some minor differences in how the system functions based on the particular Nissan model or trim level. Intelligent Cruise Control regulates the car's speed based on the road conditions ahead on some Nissan vehicles. If you are approaching a sharp turn or curve in the road, the system relays that information to Nissan's navigation system. Intelligent Cruise Control then works with the navigation system to temporarily slow your car down through the curve. When the road straightens out again, the vehicle will resume the speed that you previously specified.

How to Use Intelligent Cruise Control

Using Intelligent Cruise Control on your Nissan is simple. Your Nissan will have an icon for Intelligent Cruise Control located somewhere on the steering wheel. On most models, the button will be on the left side. To activate Nissan's Intelligent Cruise Control, press the button until you see a green light illuminate on the icon. Another neat feature of the safety system is that after reaching your preferred traveling speed, you can select from several different distances to control the length that you want to keep between your car and the car in front. When your Nissan's system senses that the vehicle in front has stopped or slowed down, it will either stop your vehicle or reduce its speed.

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