Summer Maintenance Tips  

Summer is a common time of the year when many people get in their cars and head out on trips. The warm weather and clear skies make it the perfect time to take a road trip and create new memories. This makes it necessary to service your car to keep it running without any problems while you're far from home. We can perform service on your vehicle at our dealership in Cerritos.

Oil & Oil Filter Change

Oil changes are one of the best ways to increase the longevity of your car and boost its performance during the summer season as you spend more time traveling. This will allow it to drive longer distances without issues occurring with your engine or transmission. Wet conditions or too much heat can affect the quality of the oil and prevent it from flowing properly.

Fluid Levels

Your fluid levels are directly affected by the changes that occur with the outside weather. Your coolant, wiper, transmission, and power steering fluid can evaporate and change in hot weather. The coolant is one of the main fluids to keep an eye on to ensure your engine doesn't overheat in high temperatures.

Tire Pressure & Condition

Checking your tire pressure will ensure each tire is properly inflated, which will boost your fuel efficiency while doing long-distance driving. This will also allow the tread to last longer without wearing down quicker. Unfortunately, the hot weather outside can cause the air pressure in the tires to be affected, making it necessary to inflate them to the correct level before you head off on your trip. A mechanic can also inspect the tread that is present on all four tires, which will determine if the tires need to be rotated. In some cases, the tires may even need to be replaced to ensure you can travel longer without any issues.

Car Battery

The car battery can also cause problems to occur if it's at the end of its lifespan. The hot weather can make it die and wear out quicker, which can prevent your car from operating. Test the battery to determine its power level. If the battery is a few years old, it likely won't last throughout the summer season.

Reach out to our auto service department if you plan to drive more in the summer. Our team is here to improve the operation of your car and help it run smoothly to ensure you can have reliable transportation.